Wild West Kingfish Leg 3 & Fishing Report

Kingfish have arrived with a Vengeance!

St. Petersburg, FL Oct 8 2013

Last weeks cold front and rain has really stirred up the water off St. Petersburg and Clearwater. BAIT is everywhere. Quality bait. Thread-fins are all over the beaches and piled up around the Skyway. Blue runners are also easily found in HUGE numbers in the shipping lanes and just west of the beaches. With that come the Kingfish & Spanish Mackerel.

During Last Weekends Wild West Kingfish Tournament We ran 2 boats. Our 39′ Contender “Stiff Competition” and our 37′ Spectre “Island Lure”. Both with Great success.  We ran a group of Veterans on the Spectre for the people over at AnglerArmory.com with Capt. Tommy Butler & Mate Michael Watts. Tommy took our American Vets out for a GREAT day of fishing. These guys not only had a blast, they also bagged 5 Kings, a dozen or so Spanish and a few Sharks also. (See photos Below)

As for Our Tournament team. We inched upto 5th Place in the 4 Event Series with 1 Leg to go. Its gonna be a stretch to Win this year (We where late to the scales to weigh our 10-13lbs fish during leg 1) but a top three finish is well within reach. We did weigh a 30.23 Lbs fish for 7th place. (See Below)

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