Fully Licensed & Insured

A Charter that Operates Legally is Never Cheap because the Licensing & Permits required to operate legally are outrageously expensive.

One of the greatest things any customer needs to make sure of before any Charter is Booked, With any Company is whether the Charter Boat & Captain are LEGALLY operating. With such complex Federal and State Laws governing our fisheries, the last thing a customer needs is to get in trouble with the law because documents are out of order. Island Lure Fishing Adventures LLC would hope you take the time to properly research the company you may be hiring. Here are some Pointers…

Coast Guard Licensing
Every Single Island Lure Charter is Run by a United Coast Guard Licensed Captain. Any Captain that is Licensed with the USCG is limited to 6 Paying Customers per trip. Any Captain that will allow any more than 6 Paying Customers is Breaking the law. This does NOT include “Party Boats”
A Copy of the Captain’s License is Always on Board and is available anytime for your review.

Insurance. Is the Charter Company You Are Hiring Insured?
Many people are unaware of what type of Insurance the Company for Hire has or if the policy is current and paid. There are two types of policies a charter should have. 1.) Boat Insurance and 2.) Charter Insurance. Boat Insurance covers the liability for Recreational Activities and the Charter Insurance Covers all Commercial Activities. Our Vessels have both types of policies. Not only are our Vessels Insured, We also have Full Charter Coverage. Our Policy is Written by Charter Lakes Insurance and is Underwritten by Travelers/St. Paul
A Copy of our Current Insurance Policy Declarations Page is On Board for your Inspection & is available at anytime for your review.

NOAA is a Federal Agency that manages our Fishery. The Rules and Regulations at the Federal Level make fishing the Gulf Very Difficult. Between Bag Limits and Open Seasons and Federal Fishing Permits, you almost need a Lawyer on board to sort it all out. Our Vessels Have all the Necessary and Up To Date Federal Permits in place. This includes the Necessary Pelagic & Reef Permits that allow us to fish in State & Federal Waters for Grouper & Snapper. We also have the Federal HMS Permits that allow us to Fish and Catch Highly Migratory Species including Sailfish, Swordfish, Marlin and Tuna.
Again, these permits are on board and are available at anytime for your review.

State & Local Licensing
We are Licensed at the State Level. This includes our Charter/ Headboat Permit which covers all charter customers from needing a Florida State Fishing License. Capt. John also has a 10 person, personal Charter/Headboat license that allows him to operate any vessel as a Charter/Headboat.
A copy of our charter/headboat permit is always on-board and is available for your review at anytime.

Just keep in mind that for every one “Charter Company” legally operating and paying for all the necessary legal docs in Florida there are many, many more that do not operate Legally.  A Simple rule of thumb is that if the Charter Company you are booking does NOT accept Credit Cards or is offering “Cheap” trips, they more than likely are operating below the radar.


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