Trip Report 4/28/14 – Island lure Fishing Adventures

It’s been a VERY busy April for us. That means we have had to cut back the Frequency of Tampa, Area Offshore Fishing Reports.  As usual, weather permitting, we have been fishing and on the water every day. Actually in April we had about six days we haven’t been on the water.

Here is the Readers Digest version of what’s going on currently..

Near Shore and Inside Tampa Bay Fishing Report:

Kingfish have arrived in Large numbers. Larger fish started working into the mix a few days ago after the Blow from 10 days back. We have also seen HUGE numbers of Spanish Mackerel in their usual spots.  We also began noticing Tarpon inside 2 Saturdays ago and have seen larger numbers last week. Capt. Kyle has also had some great success on the Flats targeting Slot & Overslot Redfish and Snook. Tarpon are being to be spotted in Better numbers and in the coming days should be on Fire! So be sure to book your Tarpon 1/2 Day while you can!!

St. Pete Offshore Fishing Report:

On our “regular” full day trips (Inside 50 Miles), we have been targeting Mango Snapper and Red Grouper with Great Success. Limiting out has been the norm all month on Red Grouper in the up to 10 pound class with a couple larger ones mixed in. Mangos have been running in the 4-6 pound size with a few larger fish caught. Kingfish have also been cooperating while we have been bottom fishing the last week or so.  Hogfish are no longer being targeted and we have thrown back many 10-15 pound Gag Grouper due to them being out of season (Opening July 1st)

On our”Xtreme” Deep Drop Trips we landed a 95 pound Warsaw, limited out on  Amberjack in the 70+ pound Class and also limited out on Red grouper all in the 12-20 pound Class. We also had an above average number of Tile Fish, Yellow Edge and Snowy Grouper Last Week. And this time of year, everything is possible. Wahoo and Tuna have been in the area in above average numbers as Bait way offshore is popping all over the place!

On the Tournament trail:

In April, around all of our Charter Work, we have also been in 3 tournaments. The PAIA (Benefiting the Childrens Dream Fund) and two Wild West Kingfish Events.  In the PAIA we swept Grouper & Amberjack winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for both Species while Capt. Kyle brought home 1st place Snook in the Inshore Division. Team Stiff Competition, has also started the Kingfish Series off in a good spot By weighing two 33+ pound Kingfish in each of the 1st two legs of the Wild West.  We are currently in 7th Place Overall out of the 40 Boats fishing and in a great position coming into events 3 & 4. We also won 2nd Place in the Great American Grunt Hunt on march 22nd.

Here are some Photos from Recent Charters (Last two Weeks) For you to Enjoy

GOPR2972 GOPR3089rs rsGOPR2964 rsGOPR2976 rsGOPR2980 rsGOPR3036 rsGOPR3044 rsGOPR3049 rsGOPR3056 rsGOPR3064 rsGOPR3068 rsGOPR3072 rsGOPR3080 rsGOPR3085rsGOPR2961 rsGOPR2968 rsGOPR2989

Here are Fish from the Tournament Trail Last Week

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