The Suncoast Saltwater Shootout

 Another Great Event at the Suncoast Saltwater Shootout @ Marina Jacks Sarasota, FL

We made a 150 Mile run on the 39′ Contender “Stiff Competition” to some of our most secret fishing spots looking to catch a Trifecta of fish to win all three divisions of the Offshore Category.
How did we do? We loaded up on a dozen HUGE mutton snappers, weighed a 30lbs Kitty Mitchell (And had a bunch (6) of large Gags in the 20-25lbs class) and weighed a 107 pound Amberjack. Most years that would have been enough to sweep the event! Instead we ended up with 2nd Place Grouper, 4th Place Snapper and LOST 1st place Amberjack by 1/2 Pound!!¬† We can’t win them all but its most exciting to see everyone waiting for us to pull up to the docks knowing that if there is a boat with big fish on it, its most likely ours!

Check out the Pictures below and don’t forget to Call Island Lure to book your offshore charter.¬† As you may have noticed, Capt. John Fidi & Tommy Butler only specialize in HUGE Fish!


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