Q1 2013 Update..

Updating our Website is pretty difficult when your fishing and when your not fishing your usually fixing and when your not fixing your usually buying. Long story short, we are busy so updating this web site is usually a lower priority. Even though I’m now in tune to Facebook and Tweeting, changes are slim that I actually use them. Most of our customers are repeat customers so for them they get it.

So in an effort to keep things updated, Here is a Report for March 2013..


The fishing season in and around St.Petersburg really gets underway with the arrival of Bait generally in Early to Mid March. This year the bait has been failing to make schedule. The toothy Kings we chase up and down the coast simply havent arrived yet. Neither has the bait they chase. Water temps are Too Cold as most of the last couple weeks we havent been able to find anything near the magical 70 degree mark. So Instead we have been targeting HUGE People Size AmberJack for the last couple of months.

Anyone that has ever fished for the fabled “Reef Donkey” knows that when we target them we target the 60-100# class fish. Structure in the 25 Fathom depth has not disappointed!

Shimano Butterfly Jigs and LARGE live bait has been the Ticket.

I will Post once we get some Kings up on the radar.

/ Capt. John