Fish Processing and Shipping Service

Island Lure Fish Shipping Service.

2014-12-30-13.41.51If your staying in the St. Pete Beach / Tampa / Clearwater area and would like to have your catch shipped to you we offer the following fish processing and shipping service.  We offer many options so you can enjoy your catch with your friends & family!

Option #1 – Flash Frozen & Vacuum Packed for Pick Up to take on the plane
Option #2 – Flash Frozen & Vacuum Packed and Shipped Via UPS

Prices Below Include Flash Freezing & Vacuum Packing within 24 hours so your fish are just as Fresh as Caught and Labeling. Prices are per fish.

Hog Fish / Porgy / Scamp Grouper / All Snapper / All Inshore Species
Fileted – $2.50 Each
Gutted Only – $2.50 Each
Gutted & Scaled  – $2.75 Each
Headed, Gutted & Scaled – $3.50 Each
– Sorry  we cannot ship GUTTED Fish over 5 pounds. We do however offer Fileted & Vacuum packed Services for all sized fish.

Key West Grunts aka Grey Snapper
Filets – $2.00 Each
Gutted Only – $2.00 Each
Gutted & Scaled  – $2.50 Each
Headed, Gutted & Scaled – $2.75 Each

If Choosing Option #2  You Simply add these additional Fees
a.) Shipping Cooler & Gel Packs to insure Fish Arrive Fresh
– Shipping Coolers Start at $20 and each Gel Pack is $1.75
– For Most Trips 1 $20 Cooler and 5 Gel Packs are sufficient.

b.) UPS Shipping Cost.
– UPS Ground or Expedited Service Based on your location.
– We can even charge these fees to your own UPS Account.

We accept All Major Credit Cards.




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