Corporate Trips & Business Deals & Offshore Closings

Business Related Trips

Island Lure Fishing Charters has closed more business deals utilizing fishing charters as a Closing & Prospecting tool than any one else. Wether you’re entertaining Prospects, “Firming Up” old business relationships, or need to close a business deal offshore to take advantage of Tax Saving Loop Holes. We have been there and done that. Our group of Charter Captains can serve to handle all of your needs and offer some completely “Out of the Box” Charter Trips custom designed around the goal you are trying to accomplish.  If you still think that the Golf Course was the best way to entertain clients, you are missing the Boat Quite Literally.

Fishing Charters to Entertain Clients

A round of Golf with a Prospect or a Good Client? Even Gordon Gecko knows thats 1984.

Business Deal Makings

The GolfCourse is NOT the only way to close a prospective business deal. It’s always a lose-lose on the Lynx. Do you Let your client beat you? Do you Beat Him? A Fishing charter trip will leave an awesome memory for both you and your client/prospect.

Offshore Closings

Nothing better than utilizing one of our Charter Boats to Close your business deal while taking advantage of Tax Loop-Holes reulting in some serious Tax Savings!

Team Building

We offer custom “Team Building” fishing charters that utilize our winning mentality of Being a part of a professional Tournament Fishing Team.  We have many types of Fishing Charters designed to be Less Pressure Oriented, but this is NOT one of them. This trip is a two day event where we bring your Team onboard with Our Team and treat the whole Trip just like its a Fishing Tournament with Big Bucks on the line. We turn it into a “High Pressure” situation and will have everyone in your group working together in a team effort to bring the Winning Fish back to the scales in time for the weigh in.

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Island Lure Deep Deep Sea Fishing Charters Tampa Florida and St. Petersburg FL. Conveniently located 30 minutes from Downtown Tampa. We offer Deep Sea Charter Captains that understand the Gulf and our Local Waters. We look forward to getting you on some of our area’s biggest Grouper, Snapper, American Red Snapper, Amberjack, Kingfish, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi.

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